“Not that the story need be long, but it will take a long while to make it short.” – Henry David Thoreau

I thoroughly love writing fiction. Creating new characters and then putting them in trouble is just too much fun. Here are a few samples of my published stories.

Choices Made

A heavy blanket of snow illuminated the night while cold flakes pecked at Sara Ann’s chapped cheeks. As she took another deep breath, her ears winced at the broken silence. Alarm bells shrieked through the night. The bells should have startled birds from their night’s resting places, but there were few birds left. They’ve found the fires in the storage rooms already, she thought. Shivering continuously now, she trudged through the drifts, limping heavily and ducking black, low-hanging branches

Building Endings

Dream Quest One Third Writing Prize Summer 2014Manuel cried as he worked. This was the last part. It was the end of his creation and therefore, the end of a life. He cried because the coffin he was polishing stretched barely four feet. The screams of the Dixon child coming from the hotel pierced the hush of the town. The boy, just eight-years-old, had gone mushroom collecting, and fell into a ravine, badly fracturing his leg. After two days alone and weak from loss of blood and dehydration, he was found and brought home. The doctor worried t

Lamp Camp

24-hour Short Story Contest Winner - Summer 2014 - 3rd PlaceTOPIC OF THIS CONTEST WAS: She rolled her eyes as another one of her cabin mates tried to stifle sobs. She couldn't believe she had to stay at this horrible camp all summer! Her stomach growled. As she stepped toward her trunk for a forbidden snack, she tripped on a loose board. Curious, she leaned over to peek between the cracks, and saw... Entries must touch on the topic in some way to qualify. Laila rolled her eyes as her cabin mate choked on stifled sobs. She couldn't believe she had s