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How This Librarian Fixed Her Budget After Taking a Pay Cut to Serve Her Community

How This Librarian Fixed Her Budget After Taking a Pay Cut to Serve Her Community Ayanna Gaines is a woman who decided to change her story. Gaines, 46, had spent the bulk of her career in academic libraries. But what she really wanted to do was help young people and those with nowhere else to turn when they need information. She made the move from academia and became a public librarian. “I was meant to be a librarian,” she says. “I love helping people.”

11 Perfect, Everyday Opportunities to Start Teaching Your Kids About Money

The thought of talking about money to my kids is a little overwhelming. Now that I have twin babies, I need to start thinking about how I’m going to raise them to be smarter than I was when it comes to finances. The important thing isn’t to be perfect with your money; it’s to be open about it. At least that’s one of the lessons I learned from Holly Peterson, founder and president at Elite Retirement Strategies in Inkom, Idaho. She’s also a mother who is passionate about teaching kids how to handle money.

This 30-Day Challenge Will Help Any Married Couple Conquer Their Money Woes

Congratulations! You’ve said your vows. You’ve thrown that bouquet (who knew Grandma could jump like that?). You’re even rocking a nice tan from your honeymoon. Now married life really begins. Like it or not, your finances are a major factor in your marriage. According to Dave Ramsey, 86% of couples who got married in the last five years started out in debt. It’s OK. Take a deep breath. We’ve put together a one-month challenge for married couples to get your finances in shape for your happily ever after. Do you accept the challenge? If so, say, “I do” (again).

Cheers to Emerging Local Spirits

A Facebook video post shows the sheep at Christian Myrah’s farm eating away at the trough when suddenly the camera zeroes in on a large horse. Reminiscent of the old Sesame Street song, “One of These Things is Not Like the Others.” That’s life on the farm. Caring for animals (even fence-jumpers) and working the fields. For Christian Myrah, the farm life offers another great opportunity – the opportunity to open up a whiskey distillery. “We have all the natural resources here in southeast Minne

This Is the Single Most Atrocious Sin You Can Commit at the Grocery Store

This Is the Single Most Atrocious Sin You Can Commit at the Grocery Store I’m a fairly mellow guy. Slide in front of me in line, and I’ll probably roll my eyes and mutter to myself. Talk during a movie, and I’ll just ignore you. But ram your shopping cart up on a curb when there’s a cart corral 25 feet away? My face gets that look Bruce Banner gets just before he hulks out. Pure, unbridled rage. Unreasonable? Perhaps, but I’m not the only Don Quixote tilting at this windmill. I feel better.

How to Eat and Drink Like an All-Star on a Rookie Budget at an MLB Game

How to Eat and Drink Like an All-Star on a Rookie Budget at an MLB Game An afternoon or evening at the ballpark is a little slice of heaven for me. Beer and hot dogs are musts. Peanuts in the shell, too. I can already hear you. “It’s too expensive!” Maybe it’s not cheap, but Major League Baseball still has the lowest average ticket price of the four big sports. Have you been to an NFL game lately? Yikes! Plus, MLB has some of the most fan-friendly regulations to help you save money. That’s wh

San Diego Vodka Makers Aim to Save the Earth, One Uneaten Twinkie at a Time

San Diego Vodka Makers Aim to Save the Earth, One Uneaten Twinkie at a Time Have you and a friend ever sat in a bar, sipping a drink and coming up with wild, grand ideas? We all have, and thankfully, most of us don’t act on them. But for Whit Rigali and Samuel Chereskin, those wacky ideas became a reality. Rigali, a bartender in San Diego, dreamed of creating locally-made booze so area bartenders could craft fun, local drinks. Chereskin, an agricultural economist, was frustrated with the amo

Skip the Beer Pong. These 8 Hoppy Craft Beers Under $8 are Just Too Tasty

Skip the Beer Pong. These 8 Hoppy Craft Beers Under $8 are Just Too Tasty Are you hooked on hops? Have you fallen in love with hazy East Coast IPA’s, or do you still crave the blast of hops you get with a West Coast IPA? It would be great to sip a Heady Topper or Pliny the Elder all the time, but those beers come with a stiff price tag. Many of the premium hop-bombs sell for $10 or more for a six-pack. Regardless of what you like in hoppy brews, they can be difficult to find on a budget. Diff

Interesting Jobs: Former Occupations of the Oscar-Worthy

Before the glitz and the glam, these folks got their hands dirty. When you see them walk the red carpet it’s hard to imagine that movie mega-stars ever dreamed of getting their hands dirty. They’re Hollywood royalty and we imagine they grew up that way. Well, that’s far from the truth! Many of the cinema superstars we love today struggled to get where they are and had to push through some pretty hard times. What did they do? They got jobs. They didn’t get dream jobs or even jobs they liked, b

Brewery Jobs in the Booming Beer Industry

Cheers to beers, and the jobs that come with them. St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and that makes everyone think of leprechauns, all things green and beer. Yes, sometimes even the beer itself is green. If you’re a fan of the suds, you’ve probably dreamed of a brewery job. Of course, the first thing you probably think of is growing a big, shaggy beard (if you’re a guy) and becoming the head brewer. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not the only way to get into this awesome i

NFL Women: 5 Women Who Rock the NFL

Is there anything more manly than the National Football League (NFL)? Giant men demonstrating their physical prowess by knocking each other senseless seems like the stuff of testosterone-filled dreams. There may have been a time when the NFL could have stood for “Not For Ladies,” but that time has passed. In today’s world, women also love the gridiron game and they’re increasingly becoming a part of it with jobs in the NFL.

The Modern Father: Establishing Work-Life Balance for Men

Here’s how the modern dad can find more time for family with work-life balance. [TWEET] Many of us grew up watching television shows where the dad went off to work each morning while the mom prepared the kids for school and took care of the house. Some of us grew up in similar households. However, the number of women entering the workforce climbed from 50 percent in 1970 to well over 70 percent in 2014, according to a study done by the United States government, and it has become evident that fi

Anatomy of a cigar - Wrappers

Each cigar is a creation of three basic parts: the wrapper, the binder, and the filler. For each of these parts, there are a wide number of tobacco leaves from which to choose. Just like the ingredients in a great culinary dish, each element imparts its own distinct flavors to the finished smoking experience of the cigar. Master blenders know how to find and match the different leaves to create a great smoking, great tasting cigar. When you inspect a cigar, the first thing you’ll notice is the

On the Job Hunt After 40: A Guide

A midlife career change can seem daunting. Remember, you have a wealth of experience, be confident in yourself! [TWEET] You’re back on the market and undergoing a career change at 40. That can be an intimidating feeling. You’re going up against younger, cheaper, and in many cases more up-to-date competition. However, worrying about the competition doesn’t do you any good. You can’t control who else is out there. Don’t expect your phone to blow up the day you start sending your resume out. Toda

A Cohiba by Any Other Name

A lot of people (even veteran cigar smokers) are confused about the cigar marketplace. So often there isn’t a single point of origin, or strength, or taste profile that defines a brand. There is no Marlboro Man to hang your hat on so to speak. Manufacturer collaborations muddy the brand waters even more with two companies promoting the sales of their shared creation under different names. Confused yet? Things get really ugly when you try to tease out all the geographical differences. Lines wit

Building Your Case: 7 Steps to Asking for That Raise

Asking for a raise is no easy task. Be confident in your value, and prepare your argument with these steps. [TWEET] You’re good at your job and you like what you do. The only problem is you’re simply not making as much money as you think you’re worth. That’s okay. There’s a good chance that you’re right. It’s always nerve-wracking to go to the boss and begin negotiating a raise. However, if you take these seven crucial steps before having that meeting, you can boost your confidence and your ch

The Best Books for Professional Development and Success

You don’t need to pay for classes to invest in professional growth, just pick up one of these great career development books! [TWEET] Whether you are just starting out in your career or you’re a veteran of 20 years, one of the most helpful things you can do for your career is to stop and get a fresh perspective. Classes, conferences, and keynote speakers can really help to provide new insight and to recharge your enthusiasm for work. However, if you’re looking for a simple, affordable way to co
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