Tyler Omoth - Creative Writer in Tampa Bay

I am a freelance writer who specializes in finding the unique angle for any topic tossed my way. I have published children's books, sports articles, a craft beer column, reviews, and many ad campaigns.

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. ’tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” - Mark Twain

I live to write. Finding the right words to tell a story is what I'm all about. It can be the story of a sport, the story of a life, or the story of your business. Finding a unique angle and getting to the heart of the story is what brings great writing to life. That's what I strive to do in every project I take on. 

Here's a sampling of a few of my favorite projects.

Finding the Niche WITHIN Your Niche is How to Get More Writing Work – by Tyler Omoth

News flash. Selling your writing (and your ideas for writing) is hard. One of the ways we give ourselves an edge is to develop a niche. From a young age, we’re taught to “write what we know” so we find topics we like, and position ourselves as experts. While this is great in concept, it too often falls short of the goal, which is getting your words into print, and getting paid for them. From my own experience, I can say that it is frequently because what I thought was a nice, niche topic, was

This Actor Is Saving More Than $1,100/Year — Just by Switching Car Insurance

This Actor Is Saving More Than $1,100/Year — Just by Switching Car Insurance When you’re watching the big screen, or the little one for that matter, you probably don’t think about actors’ daily lives. Believe it or not, most of them deal with the same day-to-day hassles you do. They have to find time to eat and sleep. They continuously search for work. And, just like the rest of us, they have to pay bills. For Kevin Gerdes, a 32-year-old professional actor living in Los Angeles (whom you migh

How This Librarian Fixed Her Budget After Taking a Pay Cut to Serve Her Community

How This Librarian Fixed Her Budget After Taking a Pay Cut to Serve Her Community Ayanna Gaines is a woman who decided to change her story. Gaines, 46, had spent the bulk of her career in academic libraries. But what she really wanted to do was help young people and those with nowhere else to turn when they need information. She made the move from academia and became a public librarian. “I was meant to be a librarian,” she says. “I love helping people.”

11 Perfect, Everyday Opportunities to Start Teaching Your Kids About Money

The thought of talking about money to my kids is a little overwhelming. Now that I have twin babies, I need to start thinking about how I’m going to raise them to be smarter than I was when it comes to finances. The important thing isn’t to be perfect with your money; it’s to be open about it. At least that’s one of the lessons I learned from Holly Peterson, founder and president at Elite Retirement Strategies in Inkom, Idaho. She’s also a mother who is passionate about teaching kids how to handle money.

This 30-Day Challenge Will Help Any Married Couple Conquer Their Money Woes

Congratulations! You’ve said your vows. You’ve thrown that bouquet (who knew Grandma could jump like that?). You’re even rocking a nice tan from your honeymoon. Now married life really begins. Like it or not, your finances are a major factor in your marriage. According to Dave Ramsey, 86% of couples who got married in the last five years started out in debt. It’s OK. Take a deep breath. We’ve put together a one-month challenge for married couples to get your finances in shape for your happily ever after. Do you accept the challenge? If so, say, “I do” (again).

Hazy on Investing? You Can Invest in Cannabis Stocks for as Little as $5

Hazy on Investing? You Can Invest in Cannabis Stocks for as Little as $5 It’s time to get serious. You’re finally making some green. You know your money needs to do more than just supply you with fun memories and Cheeto-dusted fingers. Heck, your parents have been hounding you to start investing. But you don’t just want to invest. You want to invest in an industry you believe in. One that could take off and make money. You want to invest in cannabis, and now you can. Stash is an app that le

Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday With Free Goodies at Target on March 3

see more from Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday With Free Goodies at Target on March 3 When I was a kid, there was this thing that we did. We read lots of books, in library nooks, We read about Wockets that hid in our pockets, Of the doctor who penned, Those wacky books from back when, We’d want Green Eggs and Ham in the morning. I once got into a heated debate over what makes “good” poetry. I was lectured that rhyme and meter mattered less than deep social issues and personal anguish. I sa

Cheers to Emerging Local Spirits

A Facebook video post shows the sheep at Christian Myrah’s farm eating away at the trough when suddenly the camera zeroes in on a large horse. Reminiscent of the old Sesame Street song, “One of These Things is Not Like the Others.” That’s life on the farm. Caring for animals (even fence-jumpers) and working the fields. For Christian Myrah, the farm life offers another great opportunity – the opportunity to open up a whiskey distillery. “We have all the natural resources here in southeast Minne

50/20/30 Rule Is Perfect if You’re on a Budget… but Still Have a Life

50/20/30 Rule Is Perfect if You’re on a Budget… but Still Have a Life There. I said it. If you’re anything like me, when someone says the word “budget,” your mind instantly wraps all of your favorite splurge items in a big mental bear hug. “Don’t worry beer money. I won’t let them get you. HBO, don’t look at them and maybe they’ll go away!” The problem with this mode of thinking is that it focuses on the negative. The idea of a budget that makes you account for every single dollar is suffocat

How to Eat and Drink Like an All-Star on a Rookie Budget at an MLB Game

How to Eat and Drink Like an All-Star on a Rookie Budget at an MLB Game An afternoon or evening at the ballpark is a little slice of heaven for me. Beer and hot dogs are musts. Peanuts in the shell, too. I can already hear you. “It’s too expensive!” Maybe it’s not cheap, but Major League Baseball still has the lowest average ticket price of the four big sports. Have you been to an NFL game lately? Yikes! Plus, MLB has some of the most fan-friendly regulations to help you save money. That’s wh

Skip the Beer Pong. These 8 Hoppy Craft Beers Under $8 are Just Too Tasty

Skip the Beer Pong. These 8 Hoppy Craft Beers Under $8 are Just Too Tasty Are you hooked on hops? Have you fallen in love with hazy East Coast IPA’s, or do you still crave the blast of hops you get with a West Coast IPA? It would be great to sip a Heady Topper or Pliny the Elder all the time, but those beers come with a stiff price tag. Many of the premium hop-bombs sell for $10 or more for a six-pack. Regardless of what you like in hoppy brews, they can be difficult to find on a budget. Diff

Brewery Jobs in the Booming Beer Industry

Cheers to beers, and the jobs that come with them. St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and that makes everyone think of leprechauns, all things green and beer. Yes, sometimes even the beer itself is green. If you’re a fan of the suds, you’ve probably dreamed of a brewery job. Of course, the first thing you probably think of is growing a big, shaggy beard (if you’re a guy) and becoming the head brewer. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not the only way to get into this awesome i

The Modern Father: Establishing Work-Life Balance for Men

Here’s how the modern dad can find more time for family with work-life balance. [TWEET] Many of us grew up watching television shows where the dad went off to work each morning while the mom prepared the kids for school and took care of the house. Some of us grew up in similar households. However, the number of women entering the workforce climbed from 50 percent in 1970 to well over 70 percent in 2014, according to a study done by the United States government, and it has become evident that fi

Anatomy of a cigar - Wrappers

Each cigar is a creation of three basic parts: the wrapper, the binder, and the filler. For each of these parts, there are a wide number of tobacco leaves from which to choose. Just like the ingredients in a great culinary dish, each element imparts its own distinct flavors to the finished smoking experience of the cigar. Master blenders know how to find and match the different leaves to create a great smoking, great tasting cigar. When you inspect a cigar, the first thing you’ll notice is the

From Baseball To Barnyards: Land A Contract Writing Children’s Non-Fiction Books! By Tyler Omoth

You’ve seen them lining the shelves in the kids’ section of your local library. Perhaps your own children read them. Simple books that teach, explain, examine, and enthusiastically describe the world to children one simple subject at a time are everywhere. Luckily for us, someone needs to write them. Aspiring writers dream of seeing their names on the best seller lists and signing contracts with six-figure advances. Why not? Keep the dream alive! However, the reality of earning money from writi

Lamp Camp

24-hour Short Story Contest Winner - Summer 2014 - 3rd PlaceTOPIC OF THIS CONTEST WAS: She rolled her eyes as another one of her cabin mates tried to stifle sobs. She couldn't believe she had to stay at this horrible camp all summer! Her stomach growled. As she stepped toward her trunk for a forbidden snack, she tripped on a loose board. Curious, she leaned over to peek between the cracks, and saw... Entries must touch on the topic in some way to qualify. Laila rolled her eyes as her cabin mate choked on stifled sobs. She couldn't believe she had s

Six Degrees of David Ortiz: Connecting Baseball Stars

One of the best hitters in pro baseball today is David Ortiz. Who was once teammates with Torii Hunter with the Twins. Who was once teammates with Mike Trout with the Angels. Who was the All-Star teammate of Derek Jeter. Who won American League Rookie of the Year as a shortstop, as did Cal Ripken of the Orioles. Who broke the consecutive games played record of Lou Gehrig. Who was a Yankees teammate of the most famous home run hitter of all time, Babe Ruth. It seems the stars of today are more cl